by Roger Gimblett, David Ives and Frank Wilkie

Directed by Bill Connolly, Phyl Swindley and David Tynan

A Good Dose of Group Therapy plus Laughter Shakes Away the Winter Blues

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Not to be missed, starting Friday June 24, is the Warrandyte Theatre Company’s Three One-Act Plays season.

The three plays are bound to get you thinking about your own experiences: three clever parodies on relationships, therapy and self-improvement – Soap Opera, by David Ives, Good Grief by Frank Wilkie and Decline and Hall by Roger Gimblett. Directed by our own David Tynan, Phyl Swindley and Bill Connolly respectively.

Soap Opera is a very funny telling of a washing-machine repairman who falls for a picture-perfect washer. Should he till his girlfriend Mabel? Is the washer two-timing him with a dryer? Stay tuned.

In Good Grief we ponder whether the therapist is more messed up than the patient. What drives needy and unstable characters to become counsellors? A hilarious glimpse at the radical transformations that can take place during the process of giving and receiving therapy.

Decline & Hall is close to home. The Community Hall is falling down. The building committee is hopelessly divided and penniless. Will the Cub-Scout troupe lose their meeting place? What of the Drama Club and Indoor Bowls? And will love spring anew for the local Minister.

Our new Warrandyte Theatre Company President Lisa Upson invites you to come along and enjoy one of the four fun evenings or the Saturday matinee (July 2) over the short season.

Thanks to our sponsors Ruby Tuesday and the Bendigo Community Bank and our Supporting Sponsors

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