Directed by John Milburn-Clark and Daryll Mitchell

The Follies this year have the theme “Follies 2012 – A Space Oddity” and will feature intergalactic characters, earthlings and some well-known faces from TV and the silver screen, all caught up in a comedic and musical romp.

Held every year for over 30 years, the Follies has long been a highlight of the Warrandyte Theatre Company’s annual program. The Follies are staged in March each year to coincide with the Warrandyte Festival and engage the Company’s wide-ranging talents in an evening of comedy, song and dance.

The material for the Follies is all written locally by members and friends of WTC and is based around a theme which differs every year. The show itself is presented cabaret-style, giving audience members the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry whilst being entertained in Warrandyte’s unique style.

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