by David Ives, Mark Rees and Jonathan Whiteside

Directed by Nieta Manser, Adrian Rice and David Tynan


Directed by Adrian Rice

Eleanor has been in love with Tom since they were children. At least that’s what she remembers today, but tomorrow she might not be so sure. We try and follow Eleanor’s story of her first love but her memories have a way of blurring until all we can do is fall through them with her. The play looks at how tragedy and love can tear someone apart.


Directed by Nieta Manser

The story of a group of teenagers in 1915, and how they react to pro-war propaganda and peer-group pressure to join up despite being under age. The play also looks at the doomed love affair of two 16 yearolds, Emily and Peter, and the scandal of indifferent politicians.

Captive Audience

Directed by David Tynan

A cautionary fable tells how Rob and Laura face a menace in their living room: a television that talks back to them and threatens to swallow them whole.


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