Directed by Bill Connolly, Ruth Richter and Susan Rundle

The Theatre Company is proud to present three fabulous plays — "At First Sight", "Sisters in Paris" and "Tudo Ou Nada (All or nothing)".

At First Sight is Oxford Graduate and Drama Officer Barney Norris’ first play. Like a short novel, one act plays are often a ‘slice of life’ giving us just a taste of the full story.

In this play Norris has cleverly written a love story that focuses on the fragility of memory and the way our mind is imperfect in its ability to take us back to exactly to how it was... if it ever was.

Do we remember it correctly or has our memory created something we wished it had been, rather than what it really was?

Sisters in Paris On this trip to Paris the destination is definitely not the journey as three sisters explore their past and try to find a way forward in their lives. It is not easy travelling with the mix of shopping, monuments, past assumptions and present pains making a difficult mix of tension and blame. The Mona Lisa’s smile provides a turning point and as secrets are revealed and struggles shared the journey continues.

Tudo O Nada is a lighthearted look at cultural preconceptions affecting two very different families brought together by their adult children. Trad Aussie meets trad Portuguese. Are the children right for each other ... are the families? or will those differences simply make it too difficult?

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