by Alan Bennett

Directed by Simone Kiefer, Alastair Rice and David Tynan

The WTC Spring production will be "Talking Heads" by Alan Bennett. "Talking Heads" was a series of 12 monologues written for TV. Presented by acclaimed actors, including Bennett himself, they have since successfully translated to stage productions. We have selected 3 of the monologues to present to you in November.

The directors are Alistair Rice, Simone Kiefer & David Tynan. The Producer is Jen Aitchison & the Stage Manager is Lisa Macgibbon.

  • "Waiting for the Telegram" (directed by Simone Kiefer)
  • "The Outside Dog" (directed by Alistair Rice)
  • "Playing Sandwiches" (directed by David Tynan)

Note: Rated M. Strong Adult Themes.