by David Ives, Seaton Kay-Smith and Suzy Wilds

Directed by Alan Cornell, Alastair Rice and Susan Rundle

This year's one act plays share a wintry theme appropriate for the season, offering three delightfully different pieces from the dramatic to the farcical.

Alastair Rice directs "The Blizzard" from the ever-popular pen of David Ives, with a cast of Farhad Zaiwal, Angela Heine, David Creedon and Lisa Upson. The plot involves a screenwriter who finds himself in a cabin in the woods during a blizzard, when a pair of mysterious guests arrive. He and his partner must decide whether to put their trust in a pair of strangers.

Susan Rundle directs "A Special Occasion". Three generations of one fractured family, played by Noelene Cooper, Bill Mitchell and Anne Italiano, live with the repercussions of an event that occurred eighteen years ago. When the secret is revealed values and beliefs are challenged and the strength and ties of family are tested.

Alan Cornell directs "Arctic Fevers" starring Tony Clayton, Jan Italiano and Eloise Thompson. Trapped in an Arctic wasteland, the charismatic Captain Edmonsonson and his misanthropic offsider Fife are pitted against snowstorms, polar bears and each other in an avalanche of absurdist hysterics.

The plays to be performed are

  • "A Special Occasion" by Suzy Wilds
  • "Arctic Fevers" by Seaton Kay-Smith
  • "The Blizzard" by David Ives