by Stephen Bean, Richard Harris, David Ives, Mark Matthews and Anna Stillaman

Directed by George Benca, Alastair Rice, Susan Rundle and Caroline Shaw

The plays…

  • "Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread" by David Ives, directed by Caroline Shaw
  • "Smitten" by Anna Stillaman and Mark Matthews, directed by Alastair Rice
  • "Albert" by Richard Harris, directed by George Benca
  • "Little Box of Oblivion" by Stephen Bean, directed by Susan Rundle

**Auditions:** January 21st at 4pm, and January 23rd at 8pm

All four plays could be described as quirky; definitely entertaining and funny.

The theatre will be arranged in table seating – so bring a group of friends and eat and drink while you are being entertained.

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