by Keryn Wood

Directed by David Tynan

Musical Director: Jack Stringer

A community festival (something like Warrandyte’s) is loved by locals but resented by Bronsky Awfley. Bronsky was beaten by Alpha Sweetling in last year’s Up and Coming Performer competition – the concert is the highlight of the festival.

Bronsky is trying to ruin the festival by dastardly means. He comes from a place a long way away where festivals are held in very large and rich towns and only a select few are able to participate. He believes that if Warrandyte doesn’t recognise his talent then the town doesn’t deserve a festival at all. Bronsky is working in the local coffee shop and has access to and influence over many festival characters.

The only people who are suspicious about the viability of this year’s festival are a young cyclist, Carly, and the old dears who run the coffee shop. They band together to uncover what’s behind each festival anomaly and to ensure the success of the event. Eventually they discover what Bronsky is up to.

Will it all be made right? Will the locals be able to reassure Bronsky that Warrandyte comprises many people like him – people who come from a long way away and that difference and diversity is what makes this a special place? Come along and find out - have your boos, hurrahs and hisses ready!

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