Three short online plays

“Real World 101” by Emma Wood

In a whirlwind workplace induction, two new recruits are introduced to a corporate world of strained acronyms and baffling procedures. Their new boss showcases an unparalleled ability to domineer staff and clients, while her hapless underling provides the back up. The recruits’ responses to their new world are very different.

“Plus or Minus 40 Weeks” by Suzi Wildes

4 women, 4 stories - the highs and lows of pregnancy, the anguish of infertility, and telling your mother you don’t want to have children!

“Three hours between planes” by Michael Fiddian

With 3 hours to kill before his connecting flight, Sam decides to look up an old flame Rachel and tries to rekindle the past - what could possibly go wrong?

Performance dates
8pm ‡ Saturday
  Oct 3

‡ Note: this performance will be performed online
via streaming video. Don’t come to the Hall.

tickets not
yet available