A 2020 Vision — The Video
An original theatre project

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Use the booking link below and a YouTube link with a recording of the live performance will be emailed to you to enjoy at your leisure.

Join us online for a unique and original new play for 2020.

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A play for the times

Warrandyte Theatre Company together with Ballarat National Theatre has given voice to real stories of real people in the creation of a new play.

Performed by actors from both companies and others “A 2020 Vision” has been compiled by Emma Wood from responses to questions about the pandemic.

Directed by Susan Rundle and Adrian Rice, and produced by WTC and BNT and WRITTEN BY YOU!!

Performance dates

This is a video recording of A 2020 Vision, which you can watch at any time between 19 December 2020 and 28 February 2021.

‡ Note: this performance will be performed online
via a YouTube video. Don’t come to the Hall.

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