The plays have been chosen from 15, submitted by local writers in a first-of-its-kind competition, for WTC, where invited readers of various age, gender and background have submitted scores and a short list from which directors will make the final selection.

There will be five short plays:

“The Distance Between” by Michael Fiddian
Might a meaningful family anniversary bring a father and son closer together? A poignant look at a

“Consideration” by Damian Vuleta
If you had only one wish, how would you make it as meaningful as possible?

“Women of the World” by Emma Wood
Three young women face a challenge to their independence on their first night together.

“The Replacement” by Michael Fiddian
Why did have to be him? Couldn't be someone else? If only we could change the world.

“Love, Death and that Three Letter Word” by Suzy Wild
Freedom to explore her sexuality at last but does mother know the basics?

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