About the WMIAA

The Warrandyte Mechanics Institute & Arts Association, the WMIAA, is a group of Warrandyte locals dedicated to promoting the Arts in all of its fabulous forms!

The following people are elected members of the 2023 WMIAA Committee. For general enquiries, contact Adrian Rice (chair@warrandytearts.org.au). For Warrandyte Theatre Company enquiries, contact Susan Rundle (susan@warrandytearts.org.au).


Adrian Rice (chair@warrandytearts.org.au)

Vice Chair Arts
Marion Cooper

Andrea McMahon (treasurer@warrandytearts.org.au)

Grant Purdy (secretary@warrandytearts.org.au)

Technical Director
Adam Goudge (adam@warrandytearts.org.au)

Membership Coordinator
Noelene Cooper

Newsletter Editors
Jo-Anne French
Briony Bottarelli

Robert Black

Committee Members

Pat Anderson
Denise Farran
Simone Kiefer

Group Contacts

Susan Rundle (susan@warrandytearts.org.au)

Brenda Koochew

Visual Arts
Marion Cooper

Repair Café
David Tynan

Choir (Chocolate Lillies)
Nerida Kirov

WMIAA Policies

WMIAA maintains a culture that is diverse, inclusive and respects and celebrates all the differences of its members and community. Our Respect, Diversity and Inclusiveness policy can be found here.

The WMIAA’s privacy policy can be found here.

The Hall

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