The Artful Dodger — October 2023

From the Chair

This month’s edition is action-packed and is, as always, a testament to the groups associated with the hall and pottery, for the life and energy that they bring to our local community.

Only one thing to add from me: our end of year BBQ and Finska is being held on Sunday, December 3 at 4pm, at Stiggants Reserve. Save the date. Invitations will be sent out to members soon.

Lisa Upson () is kindly handling inquiries and RSVP’s.

Bruce Turner

Changes to Family Membership WMIAA

From January 1, 2024, we will be making changes to how you record and pay for family members in Trybooking.

The current way that family members are recorded by WMIAA and the way the membership fee is applied is inconsistent and does not allow us to comply with our legal obligations.

  • We do not record the necessary names, addresses and contact information on family members – as required by law.
  • There is only one membership fee that includes family members ($50) with no limit to the number of family members this covers
  • There is no definition of a ‘family member’, which can be cousins, aunties and uncles etc.
  • Some family members may belong to groups other than that of the primary member, but it is not possible to record this.
  • In some cases, we are not provided with the names of family members.

The changes will involve:

  • Allowing us to fulfil our legal obligations, full contact details will need to be provided for each family member, including the name of the primary member, the group they belong to or a default of ‘Friend of the WMIAA’.
  • Family membership will be based on the primary member paying the full, single membership (currently $35) and additional members of that person’s family paying a nominal amount of $10 per person. There will be no limit to the number of members in any family.
  • The family members of Life Members (who do not pay a subscription) and who wish to become members, can register and will pay only $10 per person.

This will all be implemented through TryBooking.

At a Special General Meeting on September 18, WMIAA members unanimously supported a resolution to bring in the revised family membership fees effective from January 1, 2024.

That WMIAA will charge a membership fee of $10 for each family member, in addition to the membership fee payable by a primary member. This change will apply to all family membership applications made from January 1, 2024.

One thing to note, however, is that Trybooking will only change from January 1, and while you might want to be enthusiastic and pay your subscription for next year early, please hold off until the new 2024 payment link is shown on the home page of the WMIAA website, in early January.

If you hit any problems please feel free to contact Noelene, our membership coordinator on 0400 861 133 or

Theatre News

A Quirky Trio

We received a wonderful review in The Diary this month, by Margaret Kelly. The three quirky plays were greatly enjoyed by the audiences, with much discussion regarding The Spotted Man! The cast and crew worked very hard to bring these plays to life, under difficult circumstances, and they were to be congratulated.

WTC hosted two theatre training workshops, funded with thanks by a grant from Manningham City Council. 

Calling all Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to assist with running the bar during performances. You will need a responsible Serving of Alcohol Certificate (RSA) to serve the beer and wine. This certificate can be obtained Online, and the WTC will reimburse you for the cost, if you commit to helping out a few times over the year.

Please contact me if you can help.

Lou Phelan, WTC Convenor

0409 555 648 or email

Renata Levin-Buckland

Over the past few years, Renata has juggled work along with being a committee member and a student. On December 20, all her hard work will come to fruition when she attends her graduation ceremony to receive her Batchelor of Nursing degree. Congratulations Renata! 

A Hit and Miss Christmas

The cast and crew are getting on with the job of delivering this amazing show, opening on Friday, November 17. There will be eight shows including two Sunday matinees. Seating will be cabaret style, and of course the bar and choc tops will be available. I suggest you start booking tickets as soon as possible, as this will be a very popular event.

The Last Quiz on Earth

(Season 1, 2024)

**Auditions to be held at the Mechanics’ Hall **

7.30pm, Thursday. November 23, 2023
2.30pm, Saturday, November 25, 2023

Author: Alison Carr. Director: Bob Bramble.


More comedy than drama! The audience and actors engage in a pub trivia night, and it’s your last ever opportunity to win anything! An asteroid is earth bound, its impact imminent and nothing can prevent the collision. What better way to spend your last hour in this world than down the pub with friends, a drink and a trivia quiz.

Kathy Forties – Fifties pub landlady
Rav Twenties – barman and quiz master
Bobby Forties – Fifties, Kathy’s brother
Fran Twenties – Rav’s childhood sweetheart

All characters require British accents. Kathy and Bobby have the same accent, as do Rav and Fran.

Lou Phelan, WTC Convenor
0409 555 648 or email

Repair Café News

WRC Workshop Series

The Repair Café has recently begun conducting workshops for those in the community seeking to further align to the Repair Café goals. So far, Simone has conducted a “Get to know your car” workshop, and Bernadette and Margaret ran a “Get to know your sewing machine” session. Next up in November, Agnes will be helping participants to learn the basic skills of knitting. In this two hour workshop, local knitting guru, Agnes Stuyfbergen, will teach beginners how to cast on and make the knitting stitch, enabling them to knit a dishcloth. Others will learn to knit holes and the cable stitch. They will make a small satchel to put their sunglasses in – or something similar. Participants will need to bring a ball of 100gram yarn, 8ply, and two 4mm knitting needles. Beginners or those who already possess some basic knitting skills, are also very welcome.

These workshops have been very popular, and we will be running more sessions in 2024.


Tag and Test

Grant has been successful in securing funding from the Manningham Council to train and equip the Repair Café, to assist the community with electrical testing and tagging. Roger and Bernadette will be attending a workshop in late October, and we also have funds to acquire the necessary equipment to provide this service.

Repair Café Newsletter

Warrandyte Repair Café is part of an international movement aiming to reduce waste, and to encourage the community to repair rather than replace. They produce a newsletter informing us about current issues and trends. If you are interested in finding out more the latest issue can be found at:é/repair-caf-newsletter-qzu7csgaas?e=64759556cd

Pottery News

Continued good times at the Warrandyte Community Pottery Studio, with all styles of pottery being churned out prior to Christmas breakups, giving much creative happiness.

Status Quo in the studio regarding our building renovation. We will move to the lower studio in the near future, as funding will halt the renovations at present.

Our community garden has flourished with the good rain and warmer days. We look forward to many lovely pottery sessions out in the fresh air.

Hall Maintenance

Our dear old hall is showing her age and needs repair

For some time, we’ve been aware that the current narrow tie bars that hold the opposing walls of the hall together may fail under pressure from the roof. So, this summer, thanks to a substantial grant from the Community Bank and with a kind donation from Rotary, a major engineering project will take place.

As shown in the diagram, the present tie bars will be replaced by a beam system designed by our own Jock Macneish.

This will mean the hall will be closed to users from Friday, December 15, and will open again at the end of January.

Once the new beams are in place, a new system of supports for the theatre lights will be hung off them. This work will take place when the hall is not being used.

At this stage we will have applied for a planning permit (as the hall has a ‘heritage overlay’) and we are trying to urge the council planners to issue this as soon as possible to avoid delay. If there are any changes to these arrangements and dates, we will keep hall users informed.

Grant Purdy, Secretary

Tree reduction around the Hall

On a pretty windy, wet Monday, our tree men from Treespan completed the removal of the Peppercorn tree that overhung the hall sign, as well as the roof and was blocking the gutter. After some discussion about this tree, I feel it has revealed the hall frontage, more than expected, but in a good way. The other, and more perilous, task was removing a large side growth/branch from the Spotted gum by the rear stairs. It overreached towards the hall and was deemed dangerous by the professional risk assessment we engaged. Thankfully, work was undertaken with no hiccups. No much was left and any debris was cleared away.

Marion Cooper, Vice Chair (Hall)

Out and About


Katie Taubert of Katie & Co., with the backup of the Warrandyte Cricket Club, approached us with a plan. They were organising to “Pink Up” Warrandyte for the month of October, to raise awareness of breast cancer.

So as not to do the norm, and after checking the girls weren’t too off track, June — my partner in crime — and I got on the tools. We were able to use some saved ply from a clean up day at the hall. (Thanks Sim and David for de-nailing). Wonder Woman just appeared as the ply was painted, revealing her boots when we cut her out. The playful twins and hostess presenting, “What’s On”, turned out pretty successfully. Inquiries have been made for future appearances! We did think we had made a statement, until I saw marshmallow girl outside the fire station. WOW! Great to see the town step up. From us and the girls.


Lisa Upson in Get Fracked

Lisa Upson will be performing in ‘Get Fracked! Or: Please Don’t Mention the F-Word’ The play will be showing at the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre from November 16 until December 2. A comedy/political satire by Alistaire Beaton and directed by Alan Burrows.

Erin Brass in Prescription:Murder

Erin Brass will be performing in Prescription:Murder at the Cathouse Theatre in Kyneton on October 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 & 29. This play provided the inspiration for the TV series Columbo, and tells the story of a brilliant psychiatrist and his mistress, who hatch a plot to murder his neurotic, possessive wife. Not a who-dunnit, but a we-saw-it-happen-but-will-he-get-away-with-it?

WMIAA Membership for 2023

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