The Artful Dodger — April 2024

From the Chair

Welcome to our April edition

Our AGM in early March was an opportunity for user groups to celebrate highlights from the past year. We also elected our new Committee - see below for details.

We’re celebrating the fact that the Hall and its equipment is in better nick than ever, and the latest production — The Last Quiz Night on Earth — is in full swing.

Warrandyte Arts are looking forward to participating in the Warrandyte Festival on Saturday, April 20 — both in the parade and with a stall down by the river. Come and visit us. There will be pottery items for sale as part of our fundraising to repair termite damage in the pottery studio.

Bruce Turner

Welcome to your new Committee!

At our very fruitful AGM on March 6, the following folk were elected as Committee members for the year.

Bruce Turner – Chair
Marion Cooper – Vice Chair & Arts Group Representative
Grant Purdy – Secretary
Andrea McMahon – Treasurer
Noelene Cooper – Ordinary Member & Membership Coordinator
Adam Goudge – Ordinary Member & Technical Director
Pat Anderson – Ordinary Member, Minute-taker and Mechanics’ Institute Historian
Louise Phelan – Ordinary Member, Theatre Group Convenor & Representative
Alison Beanland – Ordinary Member & Pottery Representative
Annie Kennedy – Ordinary Member & Pottery Representative
Michelle Reeves – Ordinary Member & Communications
David Tynan – Ordinary Member & Repair Café Representative
Jock Macneish – Ordinary Member & Graphic Designer/ Architect
Robert Black – Ordinary member & Webmaster
Simone Kiefer – Ordinary Member
Denise Farran – Ordinary Member
Sam Goudge – Ordinary Member
Pablo Robert – Ordinary Member

Warrandyte Theatre Company

Season 1 is well underway with The Last Quiz Night on Earth, written by Alison Carr and Directed by Bob Bramble. Tickets have been selling, so if you don’t want to miss the show, get in quick.


Season 2 is the result of our One Act Play writing competition. We received 23 scripts and had to whittle them down to the following three:

Mockingbird by Alison Knight
The Midnight Muse by Michael Olsen
Double Booked by Antonio Cramp

We are looking for lovely volunteers to assist with putting this show together. If you are keen to help in anyway, please contact Lou Phelan.

At this year’s Warrandyte Festival we will be participating in the WMIAA stall.
Again, happy for volunteers to help and also to take part in the traditional parade.

Louise Phelan
Warrandyte Theatre Company Convenor

Pottery News

Potters have been busily creating and glazing items for the Warrandyte Festival WMIAA stall.

Below are some examples.

We look forward to sharing our love of pottery with the community of Warrandyte on April 20, at the riverside festival stall with the rest of the WMIAA artists and crew.

Alison Beanland

Life Drawing

Life drawing was late starting due to the roof restructuring.

We are back now!

All regular participants have returned, plus some new faces. Great to see. We’'ll continue with more of the same - long poses, great atmosphere, in a relaxed group.

Cheers for a good year.

Marion Cooper
Arts Group Representative

The Chocolate Lilies Community Choir

Well, the year has started at full speed, with four performances happening within the first term. It always takes half a term to get our older songs reviewed and to introduce new ones, particularly allowing for new members joining the group.

We have also recently farewelled a long time choir member, Wendy Slinger. Wendy was a vital, strong sand loved member of the Lilies, and although it was heart breaking to see her go, it was a privilege to sing at her farewell.

This year is the choir’s 30th anniversary, so we are looking ahead to what celebrations we can incorporate into the year. Performances are always wonderful to look forward to, but it is also lovely to have the time to learn new music and to enjoy each others voices without pressure!

I write most of our arrangements and it has been lovely to visit more known songs. Having a good balance of bass singers has also meant more opportunity to feature our lower parts.

We are looking forward to performing this year at the Warrandyte Festival and hope to see you in the audience on Saturday afternoon.

Nerida Kirov
Choir Director

We’ve kept the Roof Up!

It’s been many years now since we realised that we needed a better solution to stop the roof of the hall pushing the walls out. The original tie-bar system to hold the walls together was looking its age and the arrangements for rigging the theatre lights were probably making the situation worse. Furthermore, every theatre show had to put up with dark shadows across the faces of actors, and the flats from the tie-bars.

Well, with the help of a substantial grant from the Warrandyte Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) together with kind donations from Rotary and the Riverside Market, along with a financial contribution from WMIAA, we’ve now fixed the problems. The hall roof is now being ‘kept up’ by a beam system cleverly designed by our own Jock Macneish, and installed by Ben Sawer.

We’ve also been able to install a new, flexible theatre lighting system, designed by Jock Macneish and Adam Goudge.

As the new beams had to be painted (four coats) we also took the opportunity to re-paint the ceiling and walls, and to re-varnish the wooden panelling around the hall. Special thanks go to Marion Cooper, Jock Macneish, Adam Goudge, Simone Keifer and Grant Purdy, who have devoted many days to this project over the last year making this all happen, especially during February and March.

Our lovely old hall is looking clean and fresh - and good for another 95 years!

Donating your returnable containers

We are officially recycling our tins and bottles as part of the Container Deposit Scheme - CDS

There is a bin on the deck at the rear of the hall for you to put your containers in and we will return them on your behalf.

Valid containers are: Drink tins, plastic drink bottles and glass drink bottles - that have the 10cent and barcode indicating they are acceptable.

Do not crush your tins — the bar code must be readable.

Wine bottles or jars of any sort are not accepted.

We are registered with the CDS Vic. North sector. If you return your own containers to any of the local collection points you can donate your deposit refund to Warrandyte Arts, using the barcode in the photo below.

Collection points include Wonga Park Cellars and Park Orchards Milk Bar, and reverse vending machines at Petty’s Orchard and Mullum Mullum Reserve. We also have an arrangement with Hops and Vine to collect their empties each week.


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