Hall Bookings

The Mechanics Institute Hall is available to the Warrandyte community for bookings for arts-related activities, social events, and stage productions, subject to availability and suitability.

Bookings are handled by the hall caretaker, Graeme Breadmore. Interested parties can complete the form shown right to apply for a hall booking. For further details and clarification, please contact Graeme by phone on 0408 443 368.

Booking fees

Hourly Bookings: $30/hour
Fri/Sat evenings (4pm to Midnight): $250

Hall availability

Availablity of the hall for booking can be checked on the hall’s calendar page.

Notes about booking the hall

Any audiovisual needs (e.g. microphones, speakers, extra lighting) must be supplied by the hirer.

No access is permitted to the area behind the main stage curtains.

Hall Booking Form


[Please note: maximum capacity is 100 (seated)
and 80 (for parties/dances)]