Directed by Caroline Shaw and Lisa Upson

As you probably know, the Follies has been a feature of the Warrandyte Festival for over 30 years. Written, produced, directed and acted entirely by local people, this show is unique to Warrandyte and it has become a must see show for many in and around the Melbourne area. Under first time Follies directors Caroline Shaw and Lisa Upson, the cast and crew want to take you on a fantastical journey.

When we think of fantasy, so many things come to mind; trolls, vampires, fairies and hobbits, Snow White, Santa Claus and Christian Grey, not to mention ogres and princesses and who could leave out Merlin, Gollum, Bilbo and Gandalf. Well we have them all and more in this year's production of the Fantasy Follies. With the help of lights, costumes and a little bit of magic, you will be transported to the enchanted forest, with maybe a stopover in 50 Shades of Grey, a quick visit to the Hundred Acre Wood and a narrow escape from Westeros.

And there’s plenty of song and dance thanks to the talents of first time musical director, Richard Pengelley and fabulous choreographer Susan Rundle. The tappers are back, with a tribute to Madonna and of course there’s plenty of show stopping whole cast numbers for you to tap your feet to, with songs that will lead you down memory lane.

The set, designed by Caroline Shaw, ably assisted by Denise Farran, will amaze and delight and sets the scene for you to let your imaginations run wild.

The seating is cabaret style and patrons are encouraged to bring drinks and nibbles. Why not make a night of it?

So come in search of The Ring with Bilbo and Gollum, see the 3 Little Pigs find suitable insurance from a wheezy wolf and help the vampires find their perfect house in Blair Street. We hope to see you there.

Kind Regards,
David Tynan

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