By arrangement with ORiGiN Theatrical

Directed by Adrian Rice

The Warrandyte Youth Theatre will stage an adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian view of the world… “1984”

From a script adapted by Robert Owens, Wilton E Hall Jr and William A Miles Jr by arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French.

Remaining faithful to Orwell’s story, this will be a fresh and exciting version of the play.

WYT 2016

1984 is a story that is always relevant and it is unsurprising that it still appears on the VCE English list as well No 2 on Time Magazine’s Top 100 Reads of All time! The Guardian describes “1984 as the “definitive book of the Twentieth Century” and “Orwell’s fiction is our reality.” Maybe there are people who are no longer familiar with its theme but they will be familiar with phrases that have entered the English lexicon and endured: “Big Brother is Watching You”, “Room 101” to name a couple.

Much of the story seems extreme and unlikely but we know of places where relationships and daily lives are controlled by the state. Perhaps making it a crime to fall in love seems unlikely but much of the text continues to reflect tensions within and between states. In the book Orwell writes of reporting suspicious activity around you and also of boats of refugees in the Mediterranean. Sound familiar?

This is an important work and we will bring a lively and memorable version to the stage in Warrandyte. Come and enjoy a thought provoking, entertaining evening of good theatre. Help us control the future too!

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